Hey everyone, I’m still recovering from surgery but I will be posting more often. Sorry for taking so long!

Croc Waltz (by gatordr)
IMG_1319 (by biggrey)
IMG_6772_41 (by grafxmangrafxman)
Nile Crocodile (by Silvain de Munck)
Alligators (by armadilo60)
Saltwater Crocodile, Yellow River Billabong, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. (by digitalreflections)
Below the Surface (by gatordr)

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much. I’m having surgery tomorrow so Lee will be posting when he can. I’ll be back soon!

And I’m moving! But I haven’t forgotten you all.

Crocodylus palustris by R. Karthik on Flickr.
Mugger crocodile
Chinese alligator by Mark_1976 on Flickr.
Alligator sinensis
Relax time! by Ifthik on Flickr.
Indian gharials, Gavialis gangeticus.
Crocodile (by Jean.)
Crocodiles (by HooLengSiong)
Saltwater Crocodile (by Nicolai.B)